• Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    In an environment where Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology is being utilized more every day, internal resources and routine field visits are being eliminated – You need a solution to sustain regulatory compliance and protect your physical field resources that does not increase costs or erode productivity.

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  • Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion Protection

    100% sustained compliance rate – QM3 has developed and deployed the processes and systems to manage a large population of physical (field) resources across a large geographical area. This gives us the capability to add new clients quickly. With our core services for physical resource, we focus on accuracy as well as safety and quality.

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  • Geocoding & Tagging

    Geocoding & Tagging

    When you need a solution for coding and tagging all of your assets, we deliver consistent and accurate locations of all of your physical field resources. QM3 makes accurately tracking your field resource locations real.

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  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

    You need a reliable system to establish and/or maintain accurate records for physical field resources. QM3 makes your data work for YOU.

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  • Install & Maintain

    Install & Maintain

    In an environment where your internal resources have more work to do than they can complete on schedule, you need a solution to install and maintain your above-ground physical field resources that do not increase costs or erode productivity.

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  • Materials Procurement

    Materials Procurement

    We can source and procure everything to meet your utility infrastructure project needs. Meters, meter boxes, brass fittings, service line pipe, mainline pipe, valves, valve boxes, etc. – If you need need, we have it.

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