Field Asset Management

Serving as Your Eyes and Ears in the Field!

IMG_20110713_114625Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology is becoming standard. As you no longer have to dedicate financial resources to meet regulatory requirements, QM3 fills the void. We eliminate your need to spend additional money or lose productivity gains used by mandatory visual inspections.

Your utility company relies on QM3’s state-of-the-art data management capabilities to get in compliance and stay in compliance.  The array of services for meters and other field assets;


  • Inspect to ensure the safety of the public, uncover and report abnormal operating conditions
  • Protect meters, enclosures, terminals, and other field assets against atmospheric corrosion.
  • Install and maintain Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) units.
  • Collect, manage, and report premise-specific data (i.e., geocode, address, fault code, etc.)
  • Execute disconnect and reconnect service orders.
  • Install and/or renew service lines.
  • Install and/or renew meters

QM3 represents in the field. You focus on the core aspects of your business.