Regulatory Compliance

The Challenge
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Inspect meters and other physical field assets
  • Verify field asset database information

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology is being utilized more every day.  As a result, routine field visits are being eliminated.  Would you like to meet regulations while keeping more or your earnings?

Our Solution
  • Accuracy: We import your field asset data to eliminate duplication and errors.
  • Efficiency: We map, route, and dispatch teams to efficiently map and tag your physical field assets.
  • Productivity: We track and manage the position and movement of our crews to maximize productivity.
  • Asset Management: Our Field Technicians provide real-time reporting of your field asset.
  • Compliance: We process your data to ensure that assigned physical field assets are made compliant by the required due date.
Your Benefits
  • 100% sustained compliance rate
  • Real-time compliance reporting
  • Measurable reduction in compliance costs
QM3 is your eyes and ears in the field!