Giving Back

Grateful for the Opportunity to Give Back

QM3 Utility Services believes that part of our corporate responsibility is to give back.  Our philanthropic focus is designed to make a meaningful difference in the quality of life for the poor internationally and in the communities which we serve. The QM3 family is deeply rooted in Haiti, the Caribbean and Latin America. We are proud to have been part of the fabric of our communities.

Focus Areas of Philanthropy

To make the most meaningful impact, QM3 focuses on three distinct areas of service:

  • Leadership Development – We believe the most effective way to support developing communities, and nations, is to empower the people who live there. We are committed to see the communities and countries we serve thrive.  We support the implementation of distinctive and educational training and coaching programs that leave people with new ways of thinking and real access to leading with responsibility and integrity. Through the programs we support, people design and implement initiatives that deliver an improved and sustainable future for their community.
  • Clean Communities & Access to Clean Water – We sponsor the drilling of wells to help create basic water systems in small towns and rural communities.
  • Women Empowerment – We support programs that assist low-income women in underdeveloped communities. They find independence, self-reliance and self-respect through learned skills and full or part-time employment. 
Giving & Service Guidelines

All requests* for service support must fall in one of our three focus areas: Leadership Development, Clean Communities, Access to Clean Water and Women Empowerment.

  • Organizations requesting support must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and must include a copy of this letter with a proposal.
  • Organizations may make a request for service support only once a year.

*Exclusions:  Contributions to religious organizations, individuals, private schools K-12, sports teams, school ads, church bulletins, etc.